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Niall-David-Photography---lRV Carcass is Brion, aka Adam Rossi and Harvey, aka Bob Hopkins. In 2009, after fleeing the country of Morocco, their Toyota Dolphin broke down on 101 at Cesar Chavez in San Francisco. They pushed the disabled RV off the highway and parked it across the street from a couple of noisy, dirty auto body shops. They noticed many other vehicularly housed folks in the neighborhood and decided this Bayview neighborhood would be their new home. The local culture there reminded them in many ways of their former home of Tangier.

Brion and Harvey, being big fans of electronic music and heavy guitar sounds, needed a new space to exorcise aural demons. With determined purpose, they outfitted the RV with Pro Tools, gratuitous plugins, lot’s of outboard gear, dozens of stomp boxes, amps, and couple of 8 string guitars. The immobile studio is the first in history to be powered entirely by corn whiskey. Brion and Harvey spent four years generating heavy grooves, recording lot’s of unusual guitar noises, slicing, dicing and mixing them – using a scorched earth method – into the unique RV Carcass sound.

The music video for the single ‘U Know (You’re Gonna Love It)’ was directed by Brion and Harvey. The video tells the story of a bleak and at the same time colorful cityscape with our fearless heroes navigating behind the wheel of their Toyota Dolphin. Shot by Joel Penner of Newmediasoup, editing was handled by Brian Zalewski and Kyle Wheeler and animation by Josh Qualtieri. RV Carcass are very happy with the result but have only one regret. They originally wanted to shoot the video in 3D. Low budgets prevailed so RV Carcass suggest mind altering substances to enhance the viewing experience. The upside? You don’t have to wear those germ infested dorky glasses.


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